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As a small business, we are working as a team to get you new, one of a kind products as quickly as we can!

The next round of vintage quilted jackets and pillows will be released:

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Jill and Shawn are excited to present their Quilted Kindness Collection featuring quilts from long ago. Quilts that Great Great Aunt Bertie made, quilts that lost their way in attics, quilts that tell a story with the date embroidered on them.


These quilts are beginning a new life as jackets, bags, and pillows. It has been a pleasure to work with these lovely textiles from years past. And finally, we feel good about working with our small cottage sewing industry in Seattle.

Thank you for helping us help others remain employed at home!



Jill and Shawn met through their sons, Conner and Max. Soccer game moms, they immediately discovered they were kindred spirits. They both had a passion for fashion and all things vintage and best of all they were both COUGS! There are two rival universities in the PNW. U of W Huskies and Washington State Cougs. Wearing Coug colors was the icing on the cake of an enduring friendship. Because they liked spending time together, they decided to start a clothing line and Swirl Vintage was born. They keep the fashions of yesteryear in mind and focus on the 30s and 40s looks. 

Swirl Vintage Goals

~Family first.

~Give back.

~Create a unique niche in the market for our vintage products.

~Laugh a lot.