"If quilts have taken the country by storm, then the hexagon Flower Garden, or Grandmother's Flower Garden, or the French Rose Garden---whatever your locality calls it---well, it's a whirlwind."

"Listen in on any group of ardent quilt fans and you will hear frequent mention of this most popular pattern of the day and it is not hard to see why." 1
Romance of the Patchwork Quilt - 1935  patternsfromhistory.com


My favorite of our quilted jackets. I had to keep the hooded one for myself! The base mustard color is quite unusual and the hexagon garden flowers contrast perfectly. This is a one of a kind quilted jacket.


We collect our quilts from all sorts of places and each quilt is carefully washed and then dried in the sun or at least outside! It's not always sunny here in Seattle :) Our quilts are vintage and antique textiles passed down through generations and ready to begin a new life!


The measurements below are what you should go by before you buy a jacket as each one is an investment.



Shoulders: 20''

Bust 44''

Length 27''

Vintage Flower Garden Hexagon Quilted Jacket

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  • Hand wash in a luke warm tub of water with Borax OR wash in the machine on the GENTLE cycle. Line dry.