Do you love baby animals in action? Then this is the cross body quilt tote for you! Obviously this quilt lived a former life keeping a small baby cozy and warm :) Some mama or grandma worked very hard embroidering ducks, bunnies, kitties, bear cubs, tweety birds and even a baby squirell! The embroidered patches are on the white bits of the quilt. The bottom of the quilt is made of the same fabric and best of all the inside is a nice soft flannel.



length 33''

width at widest part of quilt 12''

depth 9''


Condition: All of our quilts have had a previous life and as such are predisposed to tears and stains however this particular quilt is perfect!



Celluloid blue button on top strap.

Cell phone pocket on front side outter panel.

Vintage Cotton Green & White Embroidered Animal Quilt

  • Easy peasy. Cold water wash and line dry.