Our crossbody bag features a cotton off white and dresdan blue patchwork fabric . The dresden blue faded patchwork has perfect little white polka dots. The bottom of the bag is made of a solid denim. This bag is a perfect compliment for that faded denim look.



~Adorable raised pattern red cellulid button.

~Front side cell phone pocket.

~This bag smells really really fresh. I know this is silly but it was hanging outside in the sea air :)


Condition: Every effort was made to put our bags together with the 'best' part of the quilt however since these quilts are OLD there are bound to be some small stains and small tears.



Length 31''

Width at widest part of bag 11''

Depth 8''

Vintage Blue & White Cotton Patchwork Quilt Bag

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  • Cold water wash and line dry!