This is an amazing quilt and lining combination! I call this the Aztec quilt because of the shape of pieces. The colors are faded yellow and faded red on a cream colored background. This quilt will have a hood.


The heart and the pussy willow will be on the center back lining on one of these jackets.


Quilt History: The applique heart and pussy willow fabric are from the 1930s. Fabric and the beginnings of a project handed down through the generations.


The Quilt: I grew up in the midwest: Moline, Illinois. My mother (Betty Ainsworth)and older sister (Sarah Powley), both became interested in quilts in the early late 60's -'70's, and both became quilters. My sister made a quilt for our wedding gift and Betty made one for my daughter. Mother had become friends with sisters, one a potter, the other a quilter. They would go antiquing together, all over the midwest, where she started collecting old quilts, primitive pine furniture and old white stoneware. I still have some furniture and the stoneware but want to divest myself from some of this "stuff" that my children don't have a use for. All but one of these quilts are from my mother's collection, some of which I have hung in my house.



Bust 44''

Shoulders 20''

Length 27''


**All of our quilted items have been hand washed and line dried however they are O L D quilts and you can expect minor stains (even I can't get all the stains out!) and minimal holes. We try and work around the holes when laying out the pattern pieces.




Vintage Aztec Quilt Chore Coat