When you buy one of the quilts on our website you will receive a handmade ooak quilt jacket. The jacket will be made out of the quilt that you purchased.


~Why are we doing this instead of making all of our quilts into jackets? Well we are a small company, it's just Jill and I and our team of cottage industry sewers and social media  assistant, Anna. We are working as fast as we can but it's definatley a labor intensive process, which is why we are offering you a 'free peek' of what we have coming. The quilt simply is not made into a jacket yet!


~Here is our process. Ready?

*Find quilts!!! For me, this is the most fun. I love treasure hunting for quilts, it is one of my main jobs besides this website and some social media. BTW. We are always interested in buying quilts if you don't want a jacket :)

*Wash, soak, soak again and then lay the quilt outside to soak up the salt sea air. When it is dry, hang it on the clothes line and take pictures.

*Hand the quilt over to Jill. Jill then clears off her dining room table and painstakingly places each pattern piece of the jacket on the quilt. She is sooo good at creating each jacket.

*Package each coat in  it's own  bag and  label the contents for the sewers.

*Drive the individually bagged quilts over to the the boss of all the sewers. Go over each jacket with him.

*Go check on the progress and make sure there are not two left arms on one jacket. JK

*Badger boss of sewers to work faster. Bring boss their favorite snacks.

*Pick up jackets when finished.

*Photo shoot of finished jackets. Outside and inside.

* List jackets website. Curse my ineptness on computer and call our young social media assistant to fix all my mistakes. (This happens A L O T.)


So as you see, this is a labor of love and quite frankly I love that these old girls are being used instead of sitting in a trunk!

How it works