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Vintage Feedsack's—Not Just for the Birds!

“We had two big chicken houses and used fourteen sacks of feed every week. My husband got most of the sacks. He always tried to get two or three of the same pattern so we would have enough to make something. He did a pretty good job of picking them out.”
‘Feed sacks may have looked like dress fabric, but they were stacked in store piles with little fanfare and employees were surprised by requests to move several hundred pound bags of chicken feed to get to the perfect dress print pattern. One man remembered trips to the feed store as a teenager when it was important to run this errand with several friends because, “his mother’s preferred patterns would always be on the bottom, so he and his “buddies” would have to hoist sacks until they secured the patterns his mother wanted.”…’ https://flashbak.com/feed-sack-fashions-and-patterns-of-depression-era-america-374786/

We've started our feedsack collection

Vintage feed-sack fabrics are most definitely going to have a part in our next line. The question is what do we make? It is nearly impossible to gather matching feed-sacks and even then the dye lot may not match. Stay tuned :) In the meantime summer is just heating up and there is still time to buy your Swirl Vintage dress here: http://www.swirlvintage.com

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