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Our Model—the Veterinarian

We were both on the flight to Pullman—Go Cougs :) Total strangers, as seatmates often are, we each busied ourselves with books and magazines. A brief hello sufficed and then she saw my bracelet.

Hilinski's Hope, a red rubber bracelet honoring former Coug quarterack Tyler Hilinski. Tyler died by suicide. My seatmate, Marci knew of him because her son was on the Wazzu football team. I didn't know Tyler but was profoundly affected by the loss of such a bright young talented young man. She showed me her bracelet and we talked. A lot. We solved nothing but we became friends and then 'the emergency'.

A tap on my shoulder from the traveler behind me. 'Can you help me? My dog can't breathe and I can't get him off the floor.' The dog was clearly distressed. And then I went into my bossy mode. I couldn't help myself. 'Marci! Get out and help her!' Now to be fair (to me) Marci was on the aisle and she had to get out before I could get out. Marci got out and she and the dog owner lifted the pup onto his owners lap. I signaled the flight attendant. Don't worry this isn't a total downer story :)

Flight attendant to the rescue! You know the oxygen tank used for emergencies on a plane? Yeah, well it's for dogs too (at least on this flight) and guess what? It worked! The old pup stopped wheezing and pinked up (or at least stopped wheezing) and we breathed a sigh of relief. The dogs owner asked Marci if she was a vet. We had a good laugh over that. Marci and I exchanged numbers and made a pact to remain friends. She called me a 'kindred spirit' and I knew we really were destined to be friends because 'kindred spirit' is one of my favorite friend descriptors and I've never heard anyone except Anne of Green Gables say that line. I entered her in my phone as 'vet-seatmate-Marci'. So back to Marci, the model.

My partner Jill and I needed two models for our awesome new dress line, Swirl Vintage. I immediately said, lets ask 'the vet'. I texted her. Marci said yes. Of course she did. I told Jill that Marci agreed to model. 'Does she have time? Isn't she a veterinarian?' Clearly Jill had taken the dog rescuer story for the real deal. I must have been convincing. Anyway, Marci was an awesome model. She's the perfect fit for our Swirl Vintage dress line. Doesn't she look fab? She gorgeously curvy. We'd love to see pics of you in your Swirl Vintage.

Swirl Vintage blue gingham wrap dress
Marci 'the vet' modeling Swirl Vintage dress

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