• shawn underwood

Missing Your Hoover?

Missing your Hoover Vacuum? Well move over Roomba because now you can vacuum the entire house while looking fashionable in your Hooverete dress! http://mrsdepew.com/blouse-and-dress-patterns/1930s/1930s-wrap-dress-3073-1933.html Check it out. This was actually a thing in the 30's and was just one of our inspirations for our new Swirl Vintage dress line. We made a dress that you can easily slip into and take on the day. I guess we could have called our line Swirlette :) Shop now while our unique Swirl Vintage dress line is in stock.

Our Swirl Vintage Dress line is a simple wrap with oh so pretty detail. Find the vintage trim style you love right here: swirlvintage.com

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