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Let's Talk Vintage Clothing!

Why buy vintage anyway?

A designer vintage brand can most definitely cost as much as a new garment. So why choose a 'used old ass piece of clothing?' Well to me it is obvious but to you my dear readers perhaps not so obvious. Look at the construction of the garment. There is more handwork, a fine attention to detail and this garment is going to last the test of time! In fact it already has! And best of all you are going to be wearing an original one of a kind gorgeous garment. Which brings me to our Swirl Vintage Dresses, although the fabric is the same on all of our dresses you will find that attention to detail (remember I mentioned that earlier in the paragraph :) in the vintage trim and buttons. All adorable and one offs! However if you decide to go with a glam look. Do your research.

Once in a while I find what I think is a diamond in the rough at an estate sale. Wondering why no one else bought said diamond I examine the garment. First thing—sniff test. If the smell is really musty then it's a clear no. More about sniffing later :) I look for other condition issues also. Rips that aren't on the seams are also a no. 'Flea bites' or little tiny holes are a no. Not all stains are a no since I'm pretty much a wizard at getting stains out. Just saying. Fabric shredding is a no. This is common in early eras where silk is was favored for formal events. Vintage pieces often get dry and brittle and then they shred and shatter. I've also noticed that if a fabric is fading, it's pretty much on it's last legs or threads. So basically the item has to be in wearable condition and not stink!

Bringing baby home for a bath. My favorite part besides hunting for cool wearable one of a kind garments. Oh yeah! That reminds me of Swirl Vintage. Check it out here. I'm annoying myself now. But back to the bath. I'm all for soaking. I just found an Edwardian grouping of not so white cotton nightgowns. I figured it was my lucky day because the ruffly gowns were looking super unattractive and were still at the estate sale by the time I got there. Oh yea and they smelled too but this smell was manageable :) I looked forward to the challenge. Three days later and after various different cleaners and an entire day of hanging on my outdoor laundry line they were ready to wear. Simply gorgeous, although not for me. Too much fabric and I would trip over the hem and fall down. By the way, I used Oxiclean because they were pretty dirty but otherwise I use Borax mixed with regular laundry detergent. Fels Naptha (an actual bar of soap in the laundry section of the grocery store) is good for getting stains out. And good old baking soda works well also, just mix baking soda into a paste with a little lemon juice and rub on the stain and then of course soak. Always soak! And don't forget to change the water when it gets dirty which is usually straight away. Finally your vintage piece of clothing is like new but of course it's old and so cool. You rate really high on the cool factor scale :)

And by the way . . . if you are interested in purchased this nightgown. Go here. And you know where to find Swirl Vintage dresses by now. I hope.


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