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How I Developed a Kick Ass Formula for Creating Etsy Listings

Updated: Mar 3

Welcome to our Swirl Vintage website where we sell vintage style clothing and vintage boho totes made out of antique quilts and vintage blankets. We created Swirl because we wanted to give back to the community via Mary's Place and via our sewist who employs a growing cottage industry of sewers who work from home. In order to start Swirl we needed seed money (proceeds from our Etsy shops) which is where the "How I Developed a Kick Ass Formula for Creating Etsy Listings" comes in to play. I have 3 Etsy shops so I should know what I'm talking about by now! Let's do this :)

  1. Research your listing via: google search engine (shopping and images) Here you can an idea of how popular your item is and where it is showing up on search engines.

  2. Etsy search bar on the top of the Etsy page. Follow the example below.

~vintage 40s dress'—29,000 hits! That's too many and your item will be lost, better make your listing more specific.

~How about 'vintage 40s novelty print dress'? 1,200 hits! Still too many items for a customer to look at. Try again.

~Lets go with 'vintage 40s cotton novelty print dress'. Now your are down to 328 hits which is about 7 Etsy pages. Customers generally look through maybe 5 pages. Let's try one more time.

~'Vintage 40s pink cotton novelty print dress', now you are at 206 search results. Exactly 5 pages of Etsy listings.

~So basically you want to type into the search bar what you as a customer would be looking for but also work the Etsy search engine system in order for your listing to appear within the first 5 pages.

3. I subscribe to marmalead.com because Etsy uniquely requires 'tag words' for each and every listing .The tags direct customers to your listing. For instance the one tag that you MUST use is the actual title of your listing. So in this case, 'vintage 40s pink cotton novelty print dress' EXCEPT each tag can only be 20 letters so your tags would look like this:

~vintage 40s --TAG 1

~cotton novelty print --TAG 2

~dress --TAG 3

~10 more tags

You have 13 tags to use and it's a good idea to use all of the tags. I use Marmalead.com for this express reason. I'm always running out of ideas for tags. Of course you know your obvious tags for the listing we have used as an example such as 'vintage dress', '1940s dress', 'vintage cotton dress' and so on. Marmalead.com has a section that address tags as well as price comparisons and loads of other information. I've found Marmalead.com to be a worthy investment.

We will address photos in another blog post. This is enough for my short attention span for now. Good luck and let me know how it goes! I'm happy to answer any questions.

Vintage rayon floral sundress Eye-Ful
Vintage cottagecore floral sundress

Edwardian cotton camisole and slip and rockabilly glamour lingerie duster.
Decades collide Edwardian and 1950s for a Cottagecore look

What would the tags for this fantastic outfit be? It is a 3 piece ensemble including a 1910 cami, 1910 drawstring cotton petticoat and finally the top piece is a 1960s robe. Quite a unique robe by Eye-Ful.

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