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Fantastic Upcycled Quilted Jackets Vote Yes or No.

Looking for honest feedback here. We have an opportunity to dive into some fantastic antique and vintage quilts however . . . there is always a however :) We are not going to make the purchase without testing the market first.

We've had a very good response to our up-cycled quilt cross-body bags and plan on making more quilted bags but in different patterns styles.

So do you see yourself wearing a quilt jacket OR carrying a quilt or both?

*Note — someday this blogger/designer/reseller of vintage clothing will get her act together and make a professional style video . . .

I really like the hood on this jacket and the fact that it is light enough to wear in the spring but also roomy enough to put a sweater on underneath.

Vintage Quilt Jacket detail. Notice the inside is an adorable red floral calico print.

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