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Ethel Mertz loved Swirl too!

Updated: May 26, 2019

Remember the TV sitcom, 'I Love Lucy'? I mean really who doesn't remember the shannigans Lucy and Ethel got into :) Well Ethel (Lucy's sidekick) was an apartment building owner along with her husband Fred Mertz. She would visit Lucy pretty much everyday to have a cup of 'jo' or just shoot the breeze, which actually usually resulted in just another hair-brained idea :) But check this out—Ethel loved Swirl dresses! Honestly I think she wore as many 20 different Swirl in the 'I love Lucy' episodes.

Back in the 40's and 50's, housewives loved to wear easy cotton wrap dresses to attend to their daily chores. The best thing about these dresses besides being hella cute was — you guessed it. POCKETS!!! Did you know there is actually a hashtag, #ithaspockets ? But I digress. Roll forward more than a few decades and you can find a new updated but still nostalgic Swirl Vintage dress. Right here on our new website. Swirlvintage.com. We've updated the style a bit and use soft to the touch cotton and appealing vintage trim. Perfect for that 'wrap and go' easy to wear dress. Get yours now before the summer and more importantly before they are sold out!

Marcy and Darcy model Swirl Vintage dresses

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