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Cottagecore Quilt Bags

A big trend in the vintage clothing industry is 'cottagecore'. Never heard of it? Well think about 'shabby chic' and you will know exactly what I'm talking about. It's the latest fashion trend and I'm personally crazy about it because in these times who doesn't want to live the lifestyle of Laura on 'Little House on the Prairie'? So simple. Back to basics. So I started my 'Victory Garden.'

And let's be clear about that, it was more like 'I lost the war' garden but still it gave me great satisfaction. Planting the seeds, watching the seedlings grow big enough to move to their big new home in their fresh dirt pots outside and then, well let's not talk about that anymore because what I really want to talk about is our cottagecore quilted bags!

Our bags in our Swirl Vintage line were a hit straight off the bat. People LOVE them because they are adorbs, practical and well priced. I mean what's not to love? So head on over to Swirl Vintage and check out the latest fashion trend that maybe we even started :) Honestly who wants to donate a gorgeous quilt when you can give it a new life. My question for you is what else do you want to see in quilt from Swirl Vintage?

  1. A jacket like we have on our Swirl Vintage line right now?

  2. More bags but different styles?

  3. A face mask? How cute would that be? Who ever thought I'd say that about a flippin facemask?

I'd also like to give a shoutout to this seller who lives 'cottagecore' lifestyle everyday. A story teller and traveling picker. www.whitehartvintageco.

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