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Grama's Button Tin

Updated: May 9, 2019

It all started with grama's big round black button tin. My grandparent's moved from their comfortable small town of Metaline Falls, Washington to the big city of Spokane, WA. I was studying at Washington State University — GO COUGS :) and offered to make to 2.5 mile drive to Metaline Falls to help them pack their 3 story early 1900's home. When my friends and I arrived I found most everything had been done, however grama had set aside a few things she thought I might like, hence the button tin. The well loved button storage, grama and I had history.

Grama taught me how to sew. Come to think of it, why didn't she teach my mom how to sew? My mom has never had the least bit of interest in sewing although she excels at many other things. Sewing, baking, home ec sorts of things are not in her wheel house, however if you need to entertain for 40 people at a sit down dinner or put the busted chain back on your dirt bike—she's your gal! However I digress.

One of my many summers in Metaline Falls (heaven on earth) I learned to sew on gramas sewing machine. It was a massive piece of furniture that folded up into a flat table when the sewing machine was put the bed. I learned how to run that thing front and backward stitch! The first thing I made was a peasant blouse made of green floral cotton. Elastic neck and short elastic sleeves. Honestly she (the peasant top) should have been entered in a Washington State Fair sewing content! I was so proud of my creation AND I had to learn to read the sewing pattern. I'm simply awful at following directions. Still. Not. My. Forte.

But honestly each time I look at my very scratched up button tin I think of my grama and her loving patience with her oldest granddaughter. It wasn't the picture perfect peasant top I made but my memories with grama that I bring back the sweet feeling of days gone by.

What are your first sewing memories?

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